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Cash Prize: £750 GBP


Immersive Mental Health Competition

Theme: Mental Health | Duration: 14th February - 10th March

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The world is facing a mental health crisis that demands immediate action.

Mental health is essential to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. But millions of people all over the world (over 280 million and counting) are suffering from feelings of anxiety, fear, isolation, and depression, lacking access to the vital support they need.

The VR Hive believes that immersive technology (virtual/augmented/mixed reality), has great potential to improve access and increase the amount of mental health resources available. Research shows that VR can help people improve, and even recover from, mental health problems. VR and other immersive resources can deliver transformational experiences for those in need of mental health support, and change their lives for the better in an innovative, inspiring way.

The Brief

Participants are invited to submit an immersive digital product that addresses and tackles mental health disorders and/or challenges, including anxiety, ADHD, eating disorder, lack of therapeutic resources and more. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box and submit innovative products for a demographic/age group and mental health challenge of their choice.


Cash Prize
£750 GBP

Judging Criteria

The immersive experience must be submitted as a BabylonJS application and address at least one mental health challenge. The following will be considered when assessing your submission:


Originality of the immersive application

How does your idea stand out from the rest? What is its unique selling point?

Visual or emotional impact and distinctiveness

Does the application leave a lasting effect? How creative are the aesthetics chosen?


Level of immersion and interaction

What level of immersion does the experience offer? In what ways does it engage the user?


All individuals are required to be 18+ to enter the competition. This is to ensure that the competition is fair and that all entrants are legally allowed to participate.

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Skills Needed

We recommend that you and/or your team have the following skills:

  • Programming (BabylonJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.JS)

  • 3D Art

  • 3D Animation

  • UI Design

Competition Timeline

Competition opens: 12 noon 14 February 2023 (GMT)

Deadline for submissions: 12 noon 10 March 2023 (GMT)

Finalists announced: 20 March 2023 (GMT)

Winners announced: 4 April 2023 (GMT)

Meet The Jury

Interested in working with us? If you are interested in partnering with us (i.e. being part of the judging panel) or otherwise getting involved, get in touch with us at

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Register Today!

Further details and information on how to submit your project will be provided upon registration. Terms and conditions apply and can be found here.


  • What does "Limitless Learning" mean?
    In short, limitless learning takes place in an immersive, simulated environment where an individual can make decisions, progress (and mistakes) based on a real-life environment and/or challenge.
  • Does immersive learning mean that we have to have VR headsets?
    Immersive learning is not just about fancy tech or expensive equipment. It's the experience itself that captures, engages and provides an opportunity to develop your skills. Whether you are using a low fidelity simulator on your mobile or a high fidelity experience on a VR headset, our team of experts and researchers ensure each solution is fit for your purpose.
  • We have never tried VR, can you help?
    Yes! Get in touch today for an opportunity to experience one of our virtual reality resources and find a right solution for you.
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Our team is here to help, email us at or get it touch!

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