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Sports XR

Comprehensive and realistic VR experience that accelerates the learning cycle

Platform: Oculus Quest 2 Industry: Health and Life Sciences Education


The Challenge

For sports scientists and educators, creating learning content that is both useful and engaging can be a challenge. Traditionally, organisations use gyms with additional resources like videos for visualising exercises to help learners and practitioners understand the biomechanics of movement for sports coaching. But these limit the learner to only one viewpoint, constraining the depth, security and completeness of learning.

Traditional approaches limit learning because of the reliance on access to facilities and human subjects, where availability, access, cost, and the quality and consistency of activities are limited.

Learners want limitless experiences; they want to learn when they are ready to learn; more importantly, they want memorable and engaging learning moments at the point of need; it is here that the learner develops skills by applying their learning under real-world conditions.

The Solution

Sports XR is an innovative project dedicated to revolutionising sports science. We created a high-impact VR environment to provide users with a powerful immersive learner experience accessible on demand.

3D athlete avatar in a virtual gym environment.

The Sports XR experience delivers the following benefits:

  • On-demand high-quality learning opportunities at the point of need.

  • Improved learner motivation through immersion in an engaging and challenging real-world setting.

  • Accelerated learning attainment and skill development through safe-to-fail experimentation.


Sports XR is being deployed within UK university sports science settings to improve learner engagement and accelerate learning activation.

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