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The VR Hive and NHS developing immersive learning innovation

We are excited to share the news that we have partnered up with NHS Education For Scotland (NES) to bridge the gap between innovative immersive technology and healthcare.


This marks an important step forward in providing effective training resources for clinicians amidst ever-growing pressures.

NHS clinicians will have the opportunity to hone their skills through enriching, science-backed and AI-powered learning experiences in mental health and clinical practice.

We will be creating an AI driven chatbot which will act as an innovative learning tool for individuals working in health and social care. Through its unique design, it offers learners the opportunity to become more conversant with suicide prevention and risk assessment practices within a simulated environment. Their newfound knowledge can then be transferred from the virtual world into real practice scenarios.

We will also be designing a virtual experience set in an operating room, which is designed to enhance the clinicians’ non-technical skills and patient management decisions in a safe-to-fail environment.

Our unique, research-backed LX design will enhance the depth, completeness and security of the aforementioned learning experiences, all while accelerating the learning cycle, increasing productivity and improving the patient experience.

The immersive tools provide further hybrid education which provides staff the means to practice real life interventions safely and on-demand. It’s critical to granting practitioners autonomy over their learning and skills development.

Our experiences help NHS staff grow confidence not only through newly acquired knowledge and skills, but their technological proficiency as well.

The VR Hive’s Founder and CEO Anne Widdop is delighted to see the healthcare sector embracing AI and immersive technology:

“With emerging technologies continually making advancements, it's a delight to see healthcare keeping pace and embracing immersive technology with open arms.”

The projects are being delivered by The VR Hive’s in-house data science and artificial intelligence expertise, software engineers and 3D artists guided by the Director of Immersive Learning Dr David Griffiths. David has worked on several projects in healthcare, including tackling significant learning and skills development challenges in the NHS.

Interested in how The VR Hive can help you? Get in touch with us today at

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