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Inspiring experiences that accelerate learning and growth


Sports XR

Arisaig Isle

Arisaig Isle BG.png

Designed for children aged 11-17 and powered by on-demand and at-the-point-of-need learning companions, Arisaig Isle blurs the line between education and entertainment, creating an inspiring learning environment.


Personalised learning journey

Customisable preferences

Mental health & well-being resources

Safeguarding enabled settings

Educational curriculm alignment

Customisable avatars

Nursing XR


Designed for healthcare education. It focuses on patient prioritisation, holistic risk assessment, patient dialogue, treatment, and post-treatment care options.


Designed by clinicians

Safe space for learning

Accelerates learning and development

Higher knowledge retention

Management Development

Micro Training Episodes

Experiential learning simulations that allow learners to explore concepts in an immersive, interactive and engaging way. 


Risk-free simulation

Developed with leadership coaches


Realistic scenarios

Advanced skills development

Difficult Conversations

End Of Life Conversations.png

XR resource for health and social care education. Practice end-of-life conversations in a safe digital environment.


Nursing education

Developed with specialists


Faster skills development

Highly adaptable environments



BeeMindful is an early intervention app that uses the practice of mindfulness and meditation to improve attention, focus and well-being.



Clinical mindfulness

Improved learning and development

Coaching and feedback

Available on mobile, desktop and VR

Gamified learning

Planet Pollinate

Planet Pollinate 01

Advance your soft skill training through gamification. This single or multi-player game helps users gain skills while having fun.



Single or Multi Player

Gamified skills training

Unique learning design

Interactive team building



Co-Designed Experiences

Developed in partnership with industry professionals and educators


Responsive Feedback

Performance insights to accelerate your growth and development


Interactive Simulations

Realistic environments designed to increase knowledge retention and skill transfer

Micro Training Episodes

Scenario Synopsis

Management Development

One of your team members, Michael, has not been performing to his usual standard, missing several important deadlines that have impacted team efficiency. Practice your effective questioning and active listening skills to understand what's wrong and develop a plan of action to get Michael back on track.

For someone looking to develop a new project, The VR Hive will be open to supporting you in getting your vision into a functional product.

Education and Training Manager

Rhys Bebb, Screen Alliance Wales

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